Rhowil Total Care Medical Cent Plot 3 Block 7 Site G Opposite The Learning Field School Satellite Location Lagos

Rhowil Total Care Medical Satellite Lagos

Welcome to Rhowil Total Care Medical Cent, a leading hospital clinic located in Lagos. Our mission is simple but grand − to provide quality healthcare and the best patient experience in the city. We specialize in medical services that are second to none with an unrivalled commitment to excellence. If you’re in Lagos for medical reasons, Rhowil Total Care Medical Cent is your one-stop solution for all your needs.

Medical Services Offered By The Clinic
We provide a wide range of specialist medical services at our hospital clinic, including family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiovascular health care, diabetes management and much more. Additionally we offer 24×7 emergency care unit and a comprehensive laboratory for diagnostic testing on site. We also have nurses and certified technicians on staff along with highly experienced doctors trained to make sure all your healthcare needs are met professionally and efficiently.

When Is The Clinic Operational?
Rhowil Total Care Medical Centre is operational seven days a week for general consultations including walk-in patients by appointment. For routine/follow-up appointments Monday through Saturday 8:00am–9:00pm hours are applicable while emergency care and diagnostic services are available round the clock from Friday 9:00pm until Monday 8:00am nonstop.

How To Reach The Clinic?
Rhowil Total Care Medical Centre is located 3 Block 7 Site G Opposite The Learning Field School Satellite Location Lagos Nigeria FCT Abuja . Our undeviating commitment towards providing patient centered healthcare services makes us easily accessible throughout Lagos metropolis and beyond coupled with multiple routes of connectivity options available. Visiting the Rhowil Total Care Hospital Clinics will surely be a highly satisfactory experience!

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