Sajato Optical Centre And Eye 70 Modupe Johnson Cresent Surulere Location Lagos

Sajato Optical Lagos

Sajato Optical Centre–Modern Healthcare Solutions in Lagos
Sajato Optical Centre is a modern and truly comprehensive hospital clinic located in the heart of Surulere, Lagos. Founded with the goal of providing top-notch eye care services to the locals, Sajato has gone on to become one of the leading Eye 70 clinics in the city. This hospital clinic puts a strong emphasis on modernization and offers an array of advanced technologies and techniques which help them achiever their goal of creating a more informed environment for everyone.

Services Offered At Sajato Optical Centre
At Sajato Optical Centre you can get access to some of the best treatments related to eye health. From different vision testing equipment to laser refractometry and corneal imaging – this hospital clinic houses it all. Patients can rest assured that they are receiving quality care from certified professionals like ophthalmologists and opticians who will do their best to ensure that your vision remains perfect throughout life. Other specialized services like cataract surgeries, glaucoma treatments, emergency aid and contact lens fittings are also offered at this hospital clinic among many more.

What Days Is Sajato Optical Centre Operational?
The hospital clinic parts its door 6 days a week thus making it convenient for people to visit without any hassle! The official working hours of Sajato Optical Centre run from Monday through Saturday (9am – 7pm). Additionally, there are also some special visits available on certain appointments held by individual specialists as well if required.

How To Reach Sajato Optical Centre?
Located just around 70 Modupe Johnson Cresent in Surulere area near Fowlze Street, reaching this hospital clinic is super easy! You can reach here either via public transportation or private vehicles depending upon your convenience. Reaching here via BRT will be your best bet as there are several routes connecting it directly with other areas nearby as well as major landmarks across the city.

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