Salama Hospital 6Th Ave Gwarinpa Location Abuja

Salama Hospital Abuja

Salama Hospital 6th Avenue Gwarinpa Location Abuja is a hospital clinic that offers professional medical services to the local community. Located in Gwarinpa, a bustling area of Abuja’s Federal Capital Territory, the clinic is within easy reach for Nigerians searching for quality healthcare near them. Established in 2020, the hospital has experienced medical practitioners offering high standards of care to patients.

At Salama Hospital 6th Avenue Gwarinpa Location Abuja, patients can avail an array of services ranging from preventive care like general checkups to treatments for illnesses and chronic diseases. The hospital also houses specialists and experts in different fields such as cardiology and neurology making NCity a one-stop destination for all kinds of medical needs. Treatment procedures and surgeries too are offered here by trained personnel at competitive prices. Additionally, home visits can be booked with ease directly via the hospital’s website or through its 24-hour customer service center which caters both phone calls and emails.

The hospital operates 365 days a year without disruption while some specific services might vary as per the availability of doctors during certain hours but most public holidays have reduced staff working on duty outside regular days & hours. Patients should contact their local Salama Hospital before arriving to determine what services are available during holidays or weekends so they can plan accordingly for their medical needs.

Reaching Salama Hospital 6th Avenue Gwarinpa Location Abuja is very simple due to its central location in Gwarinpa, Abuja – Nigeria’s largest city & federal capital territory state capital. You can get there easily either by private or public transport such as taxis or buses that run throughout the day across various parts of town providing convenient access to each patient within minutes from different locations depending upon traffic situation & time taken enroute (usually takes 20-30 minutes reach). The location address is listed below:

Salama Hospital 6th Ave
Gwarimpanada Location Abuja
FCT Nigeria

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