Saving Health Hospital C2J38Rj 200132 Location Ibadan

Saving Health Ibadan

Saving Health Hospital- Experience Quality Healthcare Services
The Saving Health Hospital is a referral health institution located at C2J38Rj 200132 Location Ibadan. This leading hospital clinic provides quality patient care services and the best possible medical attention to all patients. At Saving Health Hospital, you can expect high-quality healthcare services and an expert team of experienced professionals to have your back throughout any treatment or diagnosis that you may need to undergo.

What Are the Services Offered by Saving Health Hospital?
Saving Health Hospital offers many comprehensive services that include primary care, pediatric care, gynecology, psychiatry, orthopedic surgery & medical diagnoses. Additionally, it provides specialized treatments such as cardiology, neurology, cancer prevention and treatment programs. The expert staff at this hospital clinic is trained to provide you with an efficient and excellent healthcare experience for any condition or ailment that you may have.

On What Days Is Saving Health Hospital Operational?
Saving Health Hospital is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM. On Sunday they offer emergency services until 12:00 NN only. You can also ask about their out of hour services that are provided upon request or immediate requirement of medical assistance, in cases like traumas or cardiac distress.

How Can I Reach Saving Health Hospital?
The hospital clinic’s exact address is C2J38Rj 200132 Location Ibadan Nigeria It takes around 15 minutes if you travel by car from the city center to reach the hospital. There are bus systems available from the city which cost around ₦500-750 and take around 20 minutes depending on traffic and weather conditions during the journey duration.

At Saving Health Hospital clinics you can rest assured that you will get professional health assistance with prompt care and attention due to its highly equipped facilities, Johnson & Johnson standard equipments used in delivering efficient patient treatment protocols as well as over 65 medical experts working round the clock who are available for any kind of emergency situation and necessary medical procedures needed for providing quality patient care service without compromising the safety of those involved in such treatments conducted within the premise of our institution.

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