Sazion Eye Services 10 Miango Rd Kufang 930101 Location Jos

Sazion Eye Jos

Sazion Eye Services is the go-to clinic for residents of Jos looking for quality eye care and medical services. Open 6 days a week, this multi-specialty clinic offers treatments for minor eye conditions as well as surgeries for complex problems. Here’s a closer look at the services offered at Sazion Eye Services.

Which Days Is Sazion Eye Services Operational?
Sazion Eye Services is open all six days of the week from 9 am to 5 pm. However, during Ramadan, the clinic observes reduced hours and is closed on Fridays due to local regulations. Patients are advised to check with the front desk two weeks in advance as some closures may be announced during certain special occasions too.

What Medical Services Are Offered At Sazion Eye Services?
At Sazion Eye Services, specialists offer a range of medical services such as comprehensive exams, contact lens fitting and follow-up care googles etc., diagnostics tests like optic nerve imaging and ophthalmoscopy , laser vision correction surgery , intraocular lenses implantations (IOLs) , pediatric ophthalmology, minor surgeries like blepharoplasties and ptosis repair , foreign bodies removals etc . Post-operative care provided includes follow up examinations after any type of procedure that has been performed on eyes to make sure all goes well in recovery process . Patients having post-operative infections, sight problems or otherwise serious concerns can take professional help from this eye hospital .

How To Reach Sazion Eye Services ?
The clinic is located at 10 Miango Rd Kufang 930101 Location Jos making it easily accessible by public transport or car. Parking facilities are available outside the building making it convenient for visitors driving down themselves. Simply look out for Miller Institute signage which will direct you towards dedicated parking bays within the vicinity of the establishment clearly displaying open spaces once entry is made inside premises area .

At Sazion Eye Services medical condition of eyes takes precedence over anything else – clinics team strives hard to provide highest quality patient care within warm hospitality environment. From natural beauty treatments to corrective laser surgeries – this multi specialityeye centreoffers best treatment solutions powered efficient staff and top notch doctors academy qualifications . For precise queries patients may visit website to explore more about its services without difficulty whatsoever! With advanced medical equipmentand cutting edge technology this facility stands aloof creating right impression among visitors !

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