Shalom Medical Centre Ogbomosho North Oyo State

Shalom Ogbomosho Oyo

Shalom Medical Centre –A Synopsis

Shalom Medical Centre is located in Ogbomosho North, Oyo State. It is a comprehensive hospital clinic that offers quality medical services to the community. Shalom seeks to meet the healthcare needs of people from diverse backgrounds and gives excellent recommendations for patients with different conditions.

At Shalom Medical Centre, we provide comprehensive inpatient services such as diagnostic testing, emergency medicine, medical device services, laboratory tests, specialized consultations as well as postoperative care and management plans. Additionally, specialized and innovative medical equipment provides extensive options to diagnose and treat various conditions such as pregnancy-related issues or unusual outcomes like infertility and diseases caused by any type of infection.

The Hospital Clinic is open all days of the week except Sundays and public holidays. On weekdays we run from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm while on Saturdays it’s from 8:00am to 4:30 pm. With our genuine healthcare service ambience and quality staff available throughout these working hours, you can be sure that your needs will get fulfilled without any hassle.

To get to us here at Shalom Clinic is very easy whether by road or air travel; just approximately 2 km from the Ogbomosho Airport or 20 km from the Railway Station. We are also accessible through other modes of transport including buses providing regular routes for both local residents and travellers in general – making a visit easy despite any distance you may have to cover!

So whatever your particular health problems may be, don’t hesitate- come over at Shalom Medical Centre! Our trial-tested strategies have helped many individuals claim back their health in a consistent manner enabling them not just recover but live healthy lives with full confidence! Together we shall make a difference with our clients’ well-being being our primary concern! All you need do is make an appointment now!

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