Shamah Christian Hospital 4Ogiwo Street Aba 450103 Location Aba

Shamah Hospital Aba

Shamah Christian Hospital – The Best in Town

When you’re looking for access to expert medical care near you, Shamah Christian Hospital is the best option. This hospital clinic has a reputation for providing top-notch services and incorporating modern healthcare technologies. It offers a wide range of services including advanced diagnostics, specialized treatments and friendly nursing care. Plus, its geographical convenience makes the hospital accessible to many people in Aba and beyond.

First-Rate Services & Support at Shamah Christian Hospital

The Shamah Christian Hospital’s professional team of doctors and nurses are highly trained and experienced in delivering various types of medical care. They provide superior quality diagnostics ranging from basic blood tests to CT scan x-rays to MRI images and more. The professionals at this hospital also offer personalized treatment that caters to specified needs, making it possible for patients to receive customized care that meets their particular case. They also administer recreational and rehabilitative therapy as well as hospice services when necessary.

Patients can be assured of receiving fast support when seeking help at the Shamah Christian Hospital. For emergency cases, they have an integrated ambulance network that responds quickly while ensuring patient safety throughout transportation. The hospital remains operational from Monday through Friday during regular working hours with standby personnel on call even on weekends, holidays and off-days should there arise an urgent need for care or attention during those times.

Getting To Know More About Shamah Christian Hospital
Located at No 40 Ogiwo Street along Aba Metro -450103 Abia State Road in Nigeria, getting to the Shamah Christian Hospital is quite easy regardless of what kind of means of transport you use or your current location within Nigeria itself or neighboring countries depending on how far away they may be from this particular hospital clinic location in Aba city area itself .
Accessing Medical Care From Shamah Christian Hospital Has Never Been Easier!
A reputable center for medical excellence with teams of experts offering superior service delivery, the Shamah Christian Hospital just got a whole lot closer given its highly convenient location! Whether it’s an emergency situation or needed follow-up appointment scheduled with medical practitioners, accessing excellent healthcare is now within reach whenever one needs it most without having to go too far from home or wherever one may be situated currently at any given time be it holiday season , weekend break or official day period no matter how tight budget constraints might seem right now .

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