Shammah Christian Hospital Road 5 Woji Estate Opposite Police Station Location Port Harcourt

Shammah Hospital Port Harcourt

An Introduction to Shammah Christian Hospital
Shammah Christian Hospital is a full-service hospital located in Port Harcourt. Offering the highest standards of medical care, this hospital has been providing its community with quality healthcare for the last 20 years. With a team of experienced and dedicated doctors, nurses, and technicians, this hospital provides comprehensive medical services ranging from preventive care to emergency medicine. As one of the oldest hospitals in the city, Shammah Christian Hospital has been committed to delivering reliable healthcare services at an affordable cost to its patients.

What Services Does Shammah Christian Hospital Offer?
Shammah Christian Hospital provides holistic medical services that meet the needs of its patients. Patients can avail services such as general checkups, laboratory testing, diagnostics, consultation with doctors specialising in various fields and trauma care among others. Additionally, it also offers surgical procedures including orthopaedic surgery and laparoscopic surgery in its top-of-the-line operating theatre equipped with modern technology and equipment. Lastly, mental health services such as counselling for emotional wellbeing and depression are also offered by qualified therapists at the hospital.

When Is Shammah Christian Hospital Operational?
The hospital is open 24 hours throughout all days of the week; making it convenient for people to access medical help whenever required. It also has a number of facilities including an intensive care unit and labour room that operate round-the-clock so that patients get immediate attention when needed.

How Can You Reach Shammah Christian Hospital?
The registered address of Shammah Christian Hospital is Road 5Woji Estate Opposite Police Station Location Port Harcourt. The hospital is located along this road which can be accessed either by bus or private transportation such as taxis or auto rickshaws. For those travelling by air or train, there are public transport connections that connect directly to this address from different points in Port Harcourt making it easy for visitors to reach the hospital without any difficulty.

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