Speck Diagnostics 10 Hillview Ave Trans Ekulu Location Enugu

Speck Diagnostics Enugu

Speck Diagnostics – A Guide to the Hospital and Clinic in Trans Ekulu, Enugu

Welcome to Speck Diagnostics – a renowned hospital clinic situated at 10 Hillview Ave, Trans Ekulu, Enugu. Established in 2004, this esteemed medical facility has been providing top-notch services for patients from both near and far. From disease prevention to diagnosis and treatment of various ailments, Speck Diagnostics offers a wide range of services needed for optimal health and wellbeing.

About the Hospital Clinic

Speck Diagnostics is managed by a team of experienced medical personnel with decades of clinical practice. The hospital is well-equipped with modern diagnostic equipment installed with sophisticated imaging technology. This makes sure that patients get the most accurate diagnosis in the shortest time possible. Not just that, but the dedicated staff follow evidence-based practices to ensure highest level of patient safety and quality care. Additionally, regular audits keep check on its engines processes as committed to international standards.

Medical Services Offered by Speck Diagnostics

At Speck Diagnostics, you can avail multiple services:

• General practice– offering specialists consultations for routine healthcare needs like chronic diseases management (Diabetes etc), minor surgical procedures etc

• Cardiology– helps detect and manage heart related conditions such as heart failure, coronary artery disease etc

• Internal Medicine– primary diagnosis service helping identify problems or medications needed for pregnant women or elderly people suferring from chronic illnesses

• Pediatrics– preventive health checks and diagnosing childhood illnesses with expertise in nutrition management

• Pathology- helps diagnose diseases at early stages by taking samples through biopsy or other tests

• Imaging center – uses latest technologies for radiology & nonradiology imaging techniques such CT scans & ultrasound among others Orhodox Dentistry – expert dentists who provide corrective dental surgeries alongside attending general dental needs like teeth cleaning

On Which Days Is Speck Diagnostic Operational?

Speck’s operational hours starts from 8am to 7 pm everyday including the weekends(Saturday & Sunday). If you are looking forward to book an appointment make sure it falls within these working hours. You can do so easily by calling on +234 8075090339 or via email at [email protected] . Patients not able to visit physically due to any restriction can also avail virtual consultation via video call using our mobile app(available both on Android & iOS) or website iClinic tab directly at www/spekdiagnastics/ng .][ How To Reach SpekDaignosti?  If you’re visiting in person , you can simply enter ‘Spek Diagnostics’ on your GPS navigation device for an easy find . If travelling using public transport , bus ( McNeils Line ) takes you right outside the facility’s office exit gate . Once there , you will be welcomed by friendly guards who will assist you reach your destination within this secure premise .

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