Sridhar Cancer Care Centre Amc Road Gangapara Dibrugarh 786005 Assam India

Sridhar Cancer Care Dibrugarh Assam

Sridhar Cancer Care Centre – Comprehensive Healthcare Services Under One Roof
Are you looking for a one-stop medical facility that offers comprehensive care services? Look no further than Sridhar Cancer Care Centre. Located in Amc Road Gangapara, Dibrugarh 786005 Assam India, this hospital clinic is well-equipped to manage the healthcare needs of its visitors.

At Sridhar Cancer Care Centre, our mission is to provide quality and personalized care to each patient. We have experienced and compassionate staff that strive to ensure exceptional customer service in every aspect of our care delivery. We offer comprehensive healthcare services including general medicine, pediatrics, maternity, cardiology,and other specialized treatments.

What Days Is Sridhar Cancer Care Centre Open?
At Sridhar Cancer Care Centre we understand how important it is for patients to receive their treatments promptly so we are open seven days a week. We are available from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday with extended hours on weekends for general consultation and emergent cases.

How Can I Reach Sridhar Cancer Care Centre?
Getting here is easy! Our convenient location allows visitors to easily reach us via car or public transport at Amc Road Gangapara Dibrugarh 786005 Assam India. We also have motorcycle and car parking nearby with ample space for vehicles of all sizes during operating hours.

Let Us Help With All Your Healthcare Needs
At Sridhar Cancer Care Centre our goal is to exceed your expectations from the moment you walk through our doors till completion of treatment ensuring you with optimal care and convenience during your visit. Rest assured when you come to us you can count on exceptional service delivered by some of the best healthcare professionals in the region Our doctors are highly dedicated with an aim towards quality over quantity so if you’re looking for expert medical aid then don’t look further than Sridhar Cancer Care Centre!

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