St Martins Hospital 20 22 Ebony Paint Rd Awkunanaw Location Enugu

St Martins Hospital Port Harcourt

St Martins Hospital is one of the leading Hospital Clinics in Awkunanaw, Enugu State offering a full range of medical services to its patients. It provides compassionate and comprehensive care from family medicine to complex medical cases.

At St Martins Hospital, you can be rest assured that you will receive outstanding healthcare for your entire family. All of the staff at St Martins Hospital are well trained and fully experienced in providing top-notch medical care for all age groups and ailments. They also strive to ensure a holistic approach when it comes to the health and well being of their patients.

When it comes to accessibility, St Martins Hospital is open every day from 8AM-6PM with emergency services available 24/7. The location is very central with 20 22 Ebony Paint Rd Awkunanaw located right in the heart of Enugu State, making it easy for anyone from any part of the city or state to reach by car or public transport.

For any kind of medical assistance – whether it’s a routine checkup, screening tests, specialist consultations or diagnostics – come to St Martins Hospital for quick solutions and personalized treatment plans at budget friendly rates. All your needs will be taken care off competently by members of our excellent team including doctors, nurses, technicians and other staff who are available round-the-clock at your disposal to assist you during the process of diagnosis and treatment plans.

From injury management, chronic illness management to preventive health checks & medication advice; get everything done efficiently at St Martins Hospital as they understand how important your time is & do everything possible quickly yet effectively ensuring complete patient satisfaction with their individualized care plans & treatments. So if you’re looking for a reliable hospital clinic in Enugu State that offers quality healthcare services throughout the state along with convenience & affordability then head over to St Martins!

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