St Patricks Specialist Hospital Asata Location Enugu

St Patricks Specialist Hospital Enugu

St Patrick’s Specialist Hospital is one of Enugu’s premier healthcare facilities. Regarded as the leading hospital in the area, St Patrick’s provides cutting-edge medical service and outstanding patient care to its diverse range of visitors. No matter what medical need you may have, you can be sure that your visit to St Patrick’s will provide the highest quality experience.

What Medical Services Are Offered by St Patrick’s Hospital?
At St Patrick’s Hospital, patients are provided with a wide variety of specialized services, ranging from general internal medicine to gynecology and other preventive health services. The hospital also offers diagnostic and laboratory testing, including ultrasound scans, X-ray imaging, and endoscopy procedures. Furthermore, they offer physical therapy for musculoskeletal pain relief and rehab as well as rehabilitation programs following injury or surgery. In addition to these impressive services St Patricks also offers nutritional counseling and travel vaccinations.

On What Days is St Patricks Hospital Open?
St Patricks is open Monday through Friday from 8am–5pm each week. On Saturdays they are open from 9am–4pm while Sundays they are closed. Should any special circumstances arise urgent care is available 24/7 at St Patricks Emergency Department where you can find experienced professionals ready to help in case of an emergency .

How Can I Reach St Patricks Specialist Hospital?
St Pats Specialist Hospital is easily located on Independence layout Enugu within close proximity to Bishop Shanahan Catholic Church ,Nkpokitali overall goods market and Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium . All you need for contact information is 042 888 9999 . You can also reach them via Email at [email protected] . For directions siimply mention this address : plot 7 Independence Layout , Enugu Nigeria

If you’re looking for a clinic in Enugu that can provide exceptional healthcare services when you need it most then look no further than St Patricks specialist hospital . Here ,patients have access to top-notch diagnostic tools ,medical treatment service plans tailored specifically according patients needs ,highly qualified professional staff ,and all other amenities typically found hospitals . Whether through emergency walk -ins or scheduled appointments book now contact us on 042 888 9999 for more information or visit our website

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