Standard Care Hospital Lugbe Location Abuja

Standard Care Hospital Lugbe Abuja

At Standard Care Hospital Lugbe in Abuja, Nigeria, we place a great emphasis on providing our patients with the highest-standard of healthcare and medical assistance in a friendly and welcoming environment. We pride ourselves on our dedicated team that is dedicated to providing you with quality services that meet your needs and exceed your expectation. With decades of combined experience, knowledge, and training under their belts – our team is here to meet every patient’s needs in the most efficient way possible.

What Medical Services Does Our Hospital Clinic Provide?
At Standard Care Hospital Lugbe, we offer a wide variety of medical treatments ranging from primary care and routine check-ups to more complex procedures like cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, surgery, physical therapy among others. Additionally our specialty departments such as Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiology Center and Rehabilitation Center are designed to provide comprehensive screening diagnosis and treatment for injuries or diseases related to those specialty areas.

When Is Standard Care Hospital Lugbe Operational?
Standard Care Hospital Lugbe is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturdays we open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for consultations only. We provide emergency services 24/7 for all hospital associated medical cases according to prearranged appointment schedule required by the hospital administration after agenda has been established beforehand with the patient’s representation or his/ her legal guardian..

How Can You Reach Standard Care Hospital Lugbe?
Standard Care Hospital Lugbe is located in Abuja at Outstation Area Bharati Line Wingdari(Moti Rayat Sector MRS) which can be reached easily by using public transport facilities nearby such as buses or taxis. The address details are: Outstation Area Bharati Line Wingdari (MRS) XXVII 86-27A Next To Cives Homestead 1684 Khabarovsk 51346 Abuja Nigeria .

We understand how important it is for all our patients not only get the best care but also feel comfortable doing so – That’s why we strive out day in day out to create an atmosphere that prioritizes comfort and safety. So if you’re looking for exceptional medical care provided by friendly professionals come visit us at Standard Care Hospital Lugbe!

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