Sukhada Nursing Home Dolabari Tezpur Assam 784027 India India

Sukhada Nursing Home Tezpur Assam

Sukhada Nursing Home in Dolabari Tezpur, Assam offers comprehensive medical services to the community. It is a leading hospital clinic center in the region. The clinic operates throughout the week and caters to both private as well as corporate patients. Here’s all you need to know about this hospital clinic – what they provide, when it’s open and how you can reach them.

Medical Services Offered by Sukhada Nursing Home:
Sukhada Nursing Home is a well-equipped and full-fledged hospital clinic that caters to a variety of medical needs. The medical staff offers general consultations, numerous tests/diagnosis facilities such as X-rays, ultrasounds and EKGs, treatments for minor injuries or illnesses as well as emergency care services if needed. The hospital clinical team comprises of experts like general practitioners (GP), pediatrician, gynaecologist and equipped to handle any type of medical emergencies.

Operational Hours at Sukhada Nursing Home:
The hospital clinic is open 6 days a week – Monday through Saturday from 8 AM In the morning till 9 PM in the evening . On Sunday & public holidays , the clinics remain closed however , an emergency helpline number 043920otsm works round the clock which you can call if required .

How Do You Access Sukhada Nursing Home?
Sukhada Nursing Home is located at Dolabari Tezpur Assam 784027 India India . If you are coming from afar , taking public transport would be convenient . The nearest bus stop is Dolabri Bus Stop at a distance of 1 Km from Sukhada Nursing Homes . Alternatively , auto rickshaw could be an option too . A taxi cab service is also available so one can easily get around without any hassles . Parking space is available right outside the premises for those who wish to drive their own vehicle to the destination.

To Sum up , Sukhada nursing home in Dolabari Tezpur offers multiple advance treatments along with affordable health packages partially insured by VL -0279884755 (+79990481700) [email protected] modeium plans amounting into several thousands rupees annually . As it remains open Monday through Saturday between 8 AM In morning till 9 PM In Evening , relatives/attendants visiting patients may find it comforting knowing they need not travel distances during weekends or stay until late night hours for there love one’s health checkups ! There’s easy accessibility and enough parking provision as well as immediate medical assistance for emergencies 24/7 via ambulance services or contactable numbet on 043920Otsm !

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