Sunshine Diagnostic Poly Health Care Service Road Patna India 800014

Sunshine Diagnostic Poly Patna

Sunshine Diagnostic Poly Health Care Service Road Patna India 800014 is a hospital clinic that provides medical and diagnostic services. Here, people can get quality care and treatment for various health conditions and illnesses. The clinic represents one of the best healthcare centers in India offering state-of-the art facilities available to the public. With its excellent infrastructure and devoted staff, Sunshine Diagnostic Poly Health Care Service Road Patna India 800014 ensures an all round health care experience for patients in the village as well as from far away cities and towns.

Medical Services Offered by Sunshine Diagnostic
The medical services offered at Sunshine Diagnostic cover multiple illness/diseases such as cardiac conditions, respiratory issues, joint pains, diabetes management, stroke management, orthopedic rehabilitation, etc. To save time, the hospital clinic also offers laboratory tests along with on-site diagnosis to ensure a swift turnaround time for patients wanting quick diagnosis and treatments amidst their daily commitments. Additionally, there are plenty of specialists onboard with decades of clinical experience behind them in their respective specialty fields.

Working Hours
Sunshine Diagnostic operates every day between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and remains closed lunchtime from 12 noon till 1 pm on weekdays while operating nonstop during weekends between Saturday through Sunday across two shifts.
How to Reach Sunshine Diagnostic?
Sunshine Diagnostic is situated on Poly Health Care Service road near Madhubani mandi in Patna (800014). This allows easy access to everybody not only from nearby areas but also from various other parts of the city including Faridkot Street and Kalamandir Street among many others. If you need more information or directions regarding how you can reach the clinic then feel free to speak with its executive staff who are always welcoming customers coming in search for medical care. You may also choose to locate it here using Google Maps or another navigation software of your choice if needed!

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