Synapse Services 18 Olabisi Seriki Lekki Epe Expy Location Lagos

Synapse Services Lekki Epe Expy Lagos

Synapse Services: Everything You Need to Know About this Hospital Clinic

Whether you’re experiencing a health emergency, or have been referred for an appointment from your regular doctor, Synapse Services is here to provide comprehensive care and assist you in getting back on track. Located conveniently in Lekki Epe Expressway, Lagos, they offer the latest medical technology and experienced personnel that specialise in high quality patient care.

Medical Services Offered by Synapse Services
From routine to specialist medical services, Synapse offers a variety of treatments that are catered to their client’s individual needs. They offer general medicine and family practice consultations for those who require ongoing care. In addition, they can help with minor surgical procedures such as suturing of lacerations and insertion of IV lines, providing required medications when appropriate. Also, specialists in ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) medicine are available for treatment of allergies and respiratory illnesses; as well as neurologists who can diagnose stroke, dementia, ALS or other conditions affecting the central nervous system. All diagnostic imaging needs are also camouflaged at Synapse Services – from X-ray scans to MRI and ultrasound scans.

On which Days is Synapse Operational?
Synapse Service operates from Monday through Saturday between 9 AM – 8 PM and Sundays between 12 PM – 5 PM . Appointments continue until 7PM on both weekdays and weekends . No matter what time you walk into the facility rest assured that high-quality healthcare will be delivered promptly with serene efficiency .

How to Reach Synapse Services?
Getting to Synapse couldn’t be easier; 18 Olabisi Seriki Lekki Epe Expy Location Lagos is where all your health-related needs can be fulfilled . The state-of-the art hospital clinic has an advanced infrastructure with sufficient parking spaces available within the premises for you convenience . It’s easily accessible via several major roads like Abeokuta Road , Ikhazu Road , Oyeronke Cresent etc . Moreover , taxis are readily available near the hospital clinica nd should you need further assistance buses operate within vicinity too making it even more convenient for visiting patients or anyone else looking for quality healthcare services nearby.

With experienced doctors along with dedicated nurses at hand , Symape Services provides professional yet compassionate care with a personal touch at all times which makes them stand apart from other hospitals in the area . They believe in healing alongsid patience while ensuring comfort simultaneously thus helping patients through any kind of Physical , Mental or Emotional stress they might be undergoing through their process of recovery

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