Tabitha Medical Center By International Community School Plot 35 Ics Dr Jabi Location Abuja

Medical Center near International Community School Abuja

Tabitha Medical Center is the premier hospital clinic in Abuja, located in International Community School Plot 35 Ics Dr Jabi, where comprehensive medical services are offered to everyone.
Our hospital clinic provides a wide range of services from diagnosis and treatment for a complete range of physical conditions. Since the inception of our hospital clinic, we have been dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health and encouraging them to have positive attitudes towards their life. We also provide general health assessments and screenings that’ll better serve your overall wellness as well as preventive care when needed.

When Is Tabitha Medical Center Open?
At Tabitha Medical Center, we understand how important it is for you to have access to quality and timely healthcare. That’s why we strive to remain open seven days a week from 8 am- 5pm EST. Monday through Saturday you can get walk-in appointments with no waiting time, while on Sundays our team is available for scheduled consultations only. With extended office hours like these, you can easily plan your appointments at your convenience!
How Can Tabitha medical Center Be Reached?
Finding us has never been easier: head straight on Ics Dr Jabi till Plot 35 and you will find Tabitha Medical Center located within walking distance from there! We are always available online when you search for us using the keyword “Medical Clinic Abuja” – all the information about us will be displayed along with other relevant listings right in front of you. Also, when searching online make sure to review our ratings so that you can make an informed decision about which hospital clinics suit your needs best!
Tabitha Medical center offers top-notch services under one roof and will ensure that all your healthcare needs are met without any hassle or long wait times. From Professional treatment plans to general health assessment services, our family physicians are here ready to help answer any queries related to our medical center! Just come visit us during the opening hours and meet our skilled team who are always prepared –we hope to see you soon at Tabitha Medical Center!

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