Tawa Vet 117 Odetunde Ariya B Stop Railway Lagos Mainland Ebute Metta Lagos Location Lagos

Vet in Ebute Metta Lagos

Tawa Vet—Lagos Mainland’s Best Hospital Clinic

Have you been seeking medical services for your furry friend but can’t seem to find the right hospital clinic? Tawa Vet is here to provide you with quality and reliable medical care, equipment, and technology with the best veterinary professionals for your pets.

What Services Does Tawa Vet Provide?
At Tawa Vet, we offer comprehensive healthcare for small animals. We provide comprehensive examinations, diagnostic testing, surgery, nutrition counseling and vaccinations. Our team of experts also takes care of dental health management along with hospitalization when necessary. We emphasize preventive w ellness which allows us to detect diseases early on as well as giving advice on nutrition, behavior modification and other aspects of pet care that ensure a better quality of life.

When Is Tawa Vet Open?
Tawa Vet is open every day from 8am – 6pm, offering you convenience and flexibility for taking your beloved pets in for their regular checkups or emergency needs. With convenient appointment schedules accommodating even the busiest pet owners along with our friendly staffs always ready to answer questions and put anxieties at ease; your pet’s health care needs will never be compromised at our hospital clinic!

Where Is Tawa Vet Located?
Tawa Vet conveniently located at 117 Odetunde Ariya B Stop Railway Lagos Mainland Ebute Metta Lagos Location Lagos Nigeria so you can easily access our facility by car or public transport. If you need assistance locating us feel free to call us via 090-236-7543 and one of our friendly staff members will gladly walk you through how to get here.

Welcome To The Benefit Of Quality Care At Affordable Prices!
At Tawa Vets we understand that entrusting the wellbeing of your cherished animal companion in someone else hands should not plunge a family into debt; because cats, dogs, rabbits-all these animals are part of the family too! That’s why we have tailored an assortment of affordable packages that provide superior quality veterinary care without breaking the bank account! So let’s make sure your loved one gets everything it needs at a price tag that won’t hurt later–get in touch with us today.

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