Tezpur Eye Hospital Off Nh 37A Near 155 Mission Chariali Ketekibari Tezpur Assam 784001 India India

Eye Hospital in Tezpur Assam

Tezpur Eye Hospital is a dedicated hospital offering complete eye care services to the citizens of Tezpur, Assam and surrounding areas. It is one of the leading eye care providers in the city with highly skilled and experienced professionals providing comprehensive treatments. The hospital specializes in the diagnosis and management of various eye diseases, infections, disorders and conditions, treating them through diversity of clinical procedures. Tezpur Eye Hospital strives to deliver excellent patient program including different types of surgeries such as laser treatments and cataract surgery backed by premium facilities in super speciality facilities. The hospital offers friendly environment combined with modern technology for delivering satisfactory outcomes.

What Medical Services are Offered by Tezpur Eye Hospital?
TezpurEyeHospital provides an extensive range of medical services to meet every patient’s individual needs. These services include vision related assessments, including complete ophthalmology evaluations; imaging studies such as ultrasounds; diagnosis and management of various medical conditions affecting the eyes; corrective eyewear (glasses and contact lenses); co-management with other healthcare providers; documentation or charts work; preventive care programs like annual eye exams and more. Besides these, there are also specialty services available such as advanced optometry techniques for difficult tasks like corneal mapping or imaging scans to detect abnormalities in retinal tissue or corneal scarring.

On What Days is Tezpur Eye Hospital Operational?
The hospital operates on all days throughout the week from Monday through Sunday from 7 AM- 9 PM. They offer emergency services after usual working hours at no extra cost too! Seasonal holidays may be subject to variations depending upon volume at any given point in time. The best way to find out what days they are open is by visiting their website or calling them directly.

How to Reach Tezpur Eye Hospital?
Reaching the Tezpur Eye Hospital is fairly easy thanks to its convenient location near Nh 37A near 155 Mission Chariali Ketekibari Tezpur Assam 784001 India . It is merely a few minutes away from both downtown areas as well as major airports present in nearby cities allowing visitors access without getting stuck in traffic longs roads. Accessible via public transportation such as buses, taxis, private cabs etc., reaching this destination couldn’t get easier! Those travelling by car can make use of apps like Google Map Navigation which provide precise directions along designated routes for a smooth sailing experience.

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