Tezpur Urban Health Centre Jahaj Ghat Rd Bhairabpad Tezpur Assam 784001 India India

Urban Health Centre in Tezpur Assam

Tezpur Urban Health Centre, located at Jahaj Ghat Rd Bhairabpad Tezpur, Assam in India is the ideal destination for high-quality medical services. With a team of experienced and dedicated medical practitioners, this clinic provides comprehensive healthcare solutions to all age groups.

The Healthcare Center offers a range of services such as diagnostic tests, general medicine and surgery, obstetrics and gynecology treatment as well as primary health care to targeted communities. This facility also provides 24/7 ambulance services for emergency patient transportation.

Are you wondering when is the hospital operational? Tezpur Urban Health Centre operates six days a week from Monday to Saturday (9 am to 5 pm). Moreover, this centre observes reduced out-patient opening hours on public holidays and may need to plan your visit accordingly. Furthermore, extended ambulatory car service will be available on these days in case of an emergency situation.

To reach Tezpur Urban Health Centre without any hassle simply locate the nearest transportation hub – Jahaj Ghat Rd Bhairabpad Tezpur – located near the hospital premises. One can easily avail local buses or cabs till here and complete their journey with the help of auto-rickshaw or on foot by taking directions from people living nearby.

At Tezpur Urban Heath Centre patients are treated with generous care coupled with quality healthcare solutions at affordable prices that suits all individual needs. So if you’re in need of immediate medical attention don’t hesitate to approach us!

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