The Peak Mark Clinic 20 Sholanke St Akoka 100001 Location Lagos

Clinic in Sholanke St Akoka Lagos

The Peak Mark Clinic is a hospital clinic located in Akoka, Lagos. The clinic offers advanced medical care and services ranging from preventive, curative to maintenance healthcare. Registered by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council [NMCN], it has a team of qualified and competent medical professionals who provide an array of medical services for its clients. The hospital also promotes public health education through its outreach programs.

What Services are offered by the Peak Mark Clinic?
The Peak Mark Clinic provides a wide range of services to meet patients’ healthcare needs. These include primary health care programs; general outpatient consultations, laboratory tests, radiology studies, pharmacy services, minor surgical procedures like stitching wounds and circumcision ;in-patient treatment with bed dedicated for maternal-child care and delivery services; drug rehabilitation programs; mental health assessment and treatment supported through counseling sessions as well as management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and asthma.

On which days is the Peak Mark Clinic Operational?
The Peak Mark Clinic operates from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm daily in order to offer users quality healthcare. All other specialist clinics such as OBGYN clinics operate on Saturday morning only thus providing convenient access to specialized medical care while reducing overcrowding in peak hours during weekdays.

How do I Reach the Peak Mark Clinic?
If you are searching for a dependable hospital clinic close to Akoka in Lagos then look no further than the Peak Mark Clinic – 20 Sholanke St Akoka 100001 Location Lagos. You can get there easily by cars, buses as well as trains via any route that takes you near or passes through Akoka which is within walking distance from the hospital clinic

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