Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna

Eye Centre in Kaduna

Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna is a premier eye hospital located in Kaduna, Nigeria. The hospital was established more than 50 years ago and since then has been providing quality eye care services to its patients. Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna is well-equipped with the latest medical technologies and facilities. It offers comprehensive eye check-up and treatments including laser eye surgery, intravitreal injections, cataract surgery, glaucoma care, corneal transplantation and other ocular therapies.

At Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna, wide range of medical services are available at affordable prices for both adults and children. Patients can access comprehensive diagnosis through retinal imaging and ophthalmoscopy. They also offer routine vision testing as well as contact lens fitting and glasses ordering services.

Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna is open all days except Sundays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Patients can make appointments online or over the phone before visiting the hospital. Patients can also book video consultations with ophthalmologists via their website or apps like eYecare247 app for smartphone users.

Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna’s main goal is to ensure that every patient receives highest quality of eye care services in a safe, efficient environment where doctor–patient relationship based on personal relationships lead to better health outcomes for the individual patients.

Located at 16 Kanmunari Street, Behind Bafarawa Shopping Complex Ring Road North-West Bypass Losai Road.,Thelish Eye Centre Kaduna Kaduna can easily be reached using public transport such as buses or taxis. If you are planning to visit the hospital by car or bike there is ample parking space available outside the premises free of cost for two-wheeler owners and nominal fee applicable for four-wheeler owners charging per hour usage of parking space at Thailand Clinic kadunaa .

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