Toriola Clinic Onikoko Abeokuta Onikoko Rd Orikoko 110104 Abeokuta Nigeria

Clinic in Onikoko Abeokuta

Overview of Toriola Clinic Onikoko Abeokuta

Nestled in the vibrant city of Orikoko in Abeokuta, Nigeria, Toriola ClinicOnikoko Abeokuta stands proud. It is a general hospital that offers quality healthcare and medical services to its clients. The healthcare professionals at this clinic are highly trained and knowledgeable, providing reliable care for all kinds of medical needs.

Medical Services offered by Toriola Clinic Onikoko Abeko

At the Toriola Clinic , a wide range of medical services are available. These include general health check-ups, as well as preventive health management advice. Patients can get comprehensive family practice care here – right from immunizations to women’s health and pediatric consultations to geriatric care. They also provide emergency services, such as treatment of minor cuts and scrapes, urinary tract infections (UTIs), flu and colds, physical injuries from sports or other accidents or any other kind of urgent medical care. In addition to these services, they offer specialized treatments like orthopedic surgeries, plastic surgeries, dermatology treatments, endocrinology and metabolism tests etc., making it an ideal choice for comprehensive clinical solutions!

What Days is Toriola Clinic Open?

Toriola Clinic is operational throughout the week including Saturday and Sunday; with evening hours on Friday & Saturday. For detailed information regarding timings you may contact the hospital team prior to your visit or directly confirm at reception upon your arrival.

How Can You Reach Toriola Clinic Onikoko Abeokuta?

Toriola Clinic Onikoko Abeokuta is convenient to access with many local buses plying through their area regularly till late evening hours every day – making it easier to reach without worry about transportation difficulties whenever you plan a visit . Complete address for visitors is Toriola Clinic Onikoko Rd Orikoko 110104 Abeokuta Nigeria

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