Treasurehold Specialist Hospit6B Chief Ndah Street Hill View Estate Cocaine Estate Off Okporo Rd Location Port Harcourt

Specialist Hospital in Okporo Rd Port Harcourt

Treasurehold Specialist Hospit6B is an excellent hospital clinic located off Okporo Road in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Boasting state of the art medical technology and compassionate care from experienced professionals, this one-stop health center provides a wide range of services to help patients effectively manage their health needs. From general checkups to specialty treatments, Treasurehold Specialized Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options that cater to its customers’ individualized needs.

Treasurehold General Hospital operates five days a week (Monday – Friday). It offers convenient hours so that no matter when a patient experiences any pain or discomfort they can easily make an appointment with the clinic for diagnosis and treatment options. All patients are welcome and nothing makes them feel more comfortable than understanding what times their doctor will be available to serve them.

Reaching Treasurehold Specialist Hospit6B is easy as it is situated in Chief Ndah Street Hill View Estate Cocaine Estate, right off Okporo Road. Patients can access the hospit3using public or private transportation, depending on how convenient it will be to get there on time. The hospital staff is always available to give directions and provide guidance if anyone needs additional assistance in getting here.

Designed specifically for our area’s residents, Treasurehold Specialized Hospital strives to provide quality services that impress from start-to-finish and benefit each patient long-term. Here one can expect comprehensive treatments from experienced specialists that involve efficient communication and cutting-edge technology – all aimed at helping individuals attain optimal health care solutions they desire most!

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