Trinity Eye Clinic 18 Mko Abiola Way Challenge Expressway Ringroad Location Ibadan

Eye Clinic in Mko Abiola Way Ibadan

Trinity Eye Clinic is located in Ibadan, at 18 Mko Abiola Way Challenge Expressway Ringroad Location. This state of the art clinic provides a wide variety of top-notch medical services to patients from all walks of life. From eye surgeries and pediatrics to oncology and cardiology, Trinity Eye Clinic offers an all-encompassing medical experience. With modern technology, highly qualified professionals, and vast educational resources available, this hospital is sure to your meet all healthcare needs.

Services Offered

Trinity Eye Clinic specializes in eye care services but also offers a variety of other specialized treatment options for its patients. The scope of its services ranges from laser treatments to pediatric care, orthopedics and gynecology. It also provides comprehensive optometry and vision care which includes testing for cataract disease, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes-related vision problems as well as myopia control treatments. Other medical services include X Ray scans, ultrasounds therapy treatments and much more.

Operational Days & Hours

The clinic operates Monday through Friday (8 am to 5 pm) and Saturdays (1pm – 4pm). It is closed on Sundays except for those needing emergency care services or urgent medical attention that can be requested through the hospital’s hotline number +235410146850. Appointments can be booked online or in person although walk-ins are welcome too depending on availability within the clinic’s schedule.

How To Reach The Hospital
If you are coming from within the city boundary it will take approximately 20 minutes by car or taxi if you have access to one via local cab companies like Ojoo Shuttle Services or Uber (Uber prices depend on your location). There is also nationwide shuttle service that travels between cities so that those travelling from far away towns can get easily transferred here with comfortability assurance based on their destination Moovit RideShare Services are available for almost anyone planning a road trip or visiting any part of Nigeria while disconnected from family or friends in need of help getting around town safely . Additionally , Trinity Eye Clinic has free parking available for visitors who prefer driving themselves directly into the hospital premises anytime!

Trinity Eye Clinic provides an array of top-notch medical services including eye care , pediatrics , orthopedics , gynecology ,optometry and vision care . The hospital hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm & Saturdays 1pm -4 pm excluding Sundays unless under emergency . For easy access one may take a cab/Uber/Shuttle Service or drive their own vehicles taking advantage of free parking being offered by the hospital upon entry . So if you need quick reliable quality medical help drop by Trinity Eye Clinic where trust & health go hand in hand today !

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