Truecare Model Hospital Epe 19 Adeyemi Apena Street Papa Epe 102272 Location Lagos

Model Hospital in Papa Epe Lagos

Truecare Model Hospital Epe is a topnotch health care facility located in Papa Epe, Lagos State in Nigeria. This hospital clinic offers world-class medical services that include diagnostics and surgeries. Truecare Model Hospital Epe has an extensive network of well-trained medical staff and other healthcare personnel as well.

Truecare Model Hospital Epe operates six days a week starting on Monday and remaining open until Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. Monday is dedicated solely for outpatients, Tuesday onwards all the inpatients also get discharged every day however admitting fresh patients could be done either during the day or up to 4pm depending upon availability of beds and other facilities required for patient care.

The address of TrueCare Model Hospital Epe is 19 Adeyemi Apena Street Papa Epe 102272 Location Lagos State, Nigeria. The location can be reached quite easily as it’s strategically located right at the middle of the city with good roads leading towards both major highways around the area making it very accessible.

Truecare Model Hospital Epe has set a benchmark in modern healthcare by offering unparalleled medical services using advanced medical technology under one roof allowing comprehensive patient care and convenience to people living nearby as well as those residing in distant areas by rendering every featured specialty service such as Obstetric & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Critical Care, Cardiology etc under one roof.

The team here is highly skilled and experienced which makes it easier for them to render accurate diagnosis thereby helping patients receive timely treatment essential towards living a healthier life ahead. All in all, Truecare Model Hospital Epe remains committed to providing exceptional healthcare services coupled with compassion while ensuring safety for all our patients at an affordable cost.

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