Udalguri Civil Hospital Sankar Nagar Rd Barnagaon Assam 784509 India India

Civil Hospital in Barnagaon Assam

Udalguri Civil Hospital: Introducing India’s Finest Clinic for Medical Treatment

The Udalguri Civil Hospital, also graciously referred to as UCH, is located in Barnagaon Assam (Assam). It has been providing effective and affordable medical services since its inception 4 years ago. The hospital strives to provide the best care to its patients and their needs are kept in high regard. UCH is one of the top healthcare facilities in the region due to its reliable medical services that have been made available at reasonable costs. This hospital is proud to serve patients from all background who come seeking specialized care with trust.

What Services Does Udalguri Civil Hospital Provide?
UCH houses highly specialized doctors and physicians who are equipped with modern technologies, skilled support staff, and an entire team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing quality health care. Depending upon the severity of patient’s condition, they have several departments that can cater to each individual’s unique requirements like Cardiology department, General surgery department ,Pediatrics department etc. Along with these core specialist services, UCH also offers a range of other general treatments by qualified doctors such as eye-care, general check-ups and more medical services which include laboratory tests, scanning systems X-ray diagnostics physical therapy units as well as specialist outpatients clinics for different ailments .

Which Days is Udaguri Civil Hospital Operational?
UCH operates from Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm including Outpatient & Inpatient departments respectively offering a wide array of medical services throughout the week.

How do I Reach Udaguri Civil Hospital?
Reaching UCH couldn’t be easier! There are plenty of transportation options available at your disposal regardless you drive or take public transportation like city bus or taxi service . The hospital address is – Sankar Nagar Rd Barnagaon Assam 784509 IndiaIndia If you’re using Navigation System please use zip code 784509 while searching for the exact location. Once you arrive make sure to ask for more assistance if needed regarding directions as there should be staff around who can assist finding your way within the hospital premises .

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