Unique Care Hospital 53 Temitope St Ilasamaja Location Lagos

Care Hospital Lagos

Welcome to one of Lagos’ most respected and renowned medical institutions, Unique Care Hospital! Located on 53 Temitope St Ilasamaja in Lagos, we provide the standard in quality healthcare services with our highly experienced staff. We have a modern hospital with the latest and finest equipment ranges available today.

Our Medical Services
At Unique Care Hospital Clinic, we offer quality medical services for every age group. Our breadth of services unrivaled in Lagos includes Child and Adolescent Health care, Women’s Health Specialist, Cardiovascular Investigations, Diet Counseling & Coaching, Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation– to name just a few. No matter your needs or diagnosis– at Unique Care Hospital you can be sure you’re receiving the best health care available.

When is Unique Care Open?
Unique Care Hospital is open daily from 8am until 11pm EDT; except for Saturday when we close at 6pm EDT. Spread across two shifts—morning and evening—our staff are here to guide you through your health journey no matter what hour it may be! Any new appointment bookings must be done between 9am-3pm between Monday – Friday for any urgent situations that may arise after this time merely come down directly to the hospital or give them a call for further assistance.

How To Reach Us?
We are easily accessible via public transport with multiple bus routes located within a walking distance from Unique care hospital. In addition this we have ample parking spaces at such as patient pickup areas for those who prefer car travel to the hospital. Visitors should enter through entrance #4 where friendly reception staff will assist you with all inquiries regarding anything hospital related . For general inquiries and fees charges phone number 0800 800120 is always available ready to answer your questions anytime during office hours
So if you’re looking for the highest quality of healthcare– look no further than Unique Care Hospital Clinic Today! Let us help take away any worries or worries about your health so that whatever life throws at you next will be a snap!

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