Westcare Specialist Hospital 32 Samuel St Off Vulcanizer Bstop Akowonjo Rd Egbeda Location Lagos

Specialist Hospital Akowonjo Lagos

The Westcare Specialist Hospital in Ejigbo Location Lagos, Nigeria is the perfect place to go when you need medical attention. It offers a wide range of services, ranging from general checkups and treatment for minor illnesses to specialized treatments and surgeries. The hospital is a leading provider of high-quality healthcare offering solutions for all medical needs.

Operating Days

Westcare Specialist Hospital is open every day of the week including weekends and public holidays. This gives patients the flexibility to get an appointment or medical attention on a day that best suits them. The doctors, nurses and other staff are always available to provide quality care with warmth, dedication, and respect. Each patient is given personalized attention to ensure maximum comfort during their stay at the hospital.

Services Offered
Westcare Specialist Hospital provides comprehensive medical services which covers almost all aspects of health-related matters and treatments. From general family healthcare to specialized treatments such as Orthopedic Surgery, ENT surgery, Endoscopy Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery; the list goes on! They also offer lab testing facilities in order to diagnose any underlying illnesses accurately and quickly. Other services include diagnosis for Burns, minor fractures management, Intravenous fluids administration as well as wound dressing/suture removal services – just to name a few!

How To Reach Westcare Specialist Hospital?
Reaching the location has been made very simple thanks to their convenient location on Ifoshi Rd Pipeline Bstop Lga Near Orilowo Estate Ejigbo Location Lagos Nigeria. You can easily access Westcare from any part of Lagos without any trouble! For anyone using public transport there are several pick up points nearby where you can get dropped off at the hospital’s entrance comfortably.

To further make it easier for their patients there are several car parks available near the hospital for anyone who will be driving themselves or getting dropped off by someone else (in case they don’t want to take public transport). It’s really important that you plan your visit ahead so that you reach the healthcare center in good time thus making sure you receive treatment immediately without waiting too long. Doing your research beforehand will help expedite your visit making it less tiring thus more pleasurable experience overall!

Westcare Specialist Hospital truly understands its patients’ needs which is why they strive hard each day to ensure their service delivery meets international standards! Don’t wait any longer – book an appointment or simply walk in today; we guarantee you great service with excellent results!

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