Wilbason Hospital And Maternit Mb 28 Masalachi Road Narayi Location Kaduna

Hospital Maternity Narayi Kaduna

Wilbason Hospital and Maternal Mb is a renowned clinic in Kaduna, Nigeria that provides great medical services to its patients. It is conveniently open 6 days a week and is closed on Sundays for rest. Patients can reach the hospital easily by different means of transport. Wilbason Hospital and Maternal Mb is located at 28 Masalachi Road Narayi Location Kaduna Nigeria.

The hospital clinic has set great standards when it comes to providing excellent treatments and healthcare services to their clients. From childbirth assistance to health checkups, Wilbason Hospital clinic excels in various medical disciplines like general medicine, cardiology, maternity care, nutrition therapy and many more. Furthermore they also offer additional plans to support those with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension that require long-term monitoring.

At Wilbason Hospital And Maternal Mb there are specialized experts who help pregnant women with their treatment plan all throughout their pregnancy term. This includes antenatal classes which are centered towards nutrition needs and preparing for childbirth, physical checkup routines taken during pregnancy stages and other prenatal procedures such as sonography tests under the supervision of trained obstetricians or gynecologists.

If you ever find yourself needing medical emergency services then Wilbason Hospital Clinic has got your back because of their round the clock emergency duty response team equipped with life-saving equipment that is ready to resuscitate, treat or control any medical situation immediately after contact from patient/victim side.. Moreover each visit comes with an expected standard that ensures maximum care from consultant doctor up-till patient discharge from hospital sounds sure automated systems like appointment booking unit, payment management software etc are integrated systemically for proper management of flow at hospital ensuring maximum customer satisfaction .

To sum it up if you need high quality and personalized medical service then choose no better than Wilbason Hospital And Maternal Mb for your healthcare requirement!

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