Yabatech Medical Center 2 Hussey Rd Yaba Location Lagos

Medical Center Yaba Lagos

Yabatech Medical Center 2 Hussey Rd Yaba Location Lagos is a hospital clinic that offers excellent medical care services. From comprehensive care to specialized treatment and diagnosis, this center caters to the needs of all families.

On which days is Yabatech Medical Center Operational?

The Yabatech Medical Center offers extensive medical services seven days a week – Monday through Sunday from 8 am-8 pm. With such round-the-clock availability, the clinic ensures that any emergency medical need can be handled immediately and with ease.

How To Reach Yabatech Medical Center In Lagos?

The Yabatech Medical Center can be easily accessed by commuters through their convenient transportation network. The hospital lies in the heart of Lagos, so it’s very easy to find – Simply head over to 2 Hussey Road in Yaba Location and you’ll be at your destination!

What Are The Services Offered By The Yabatech MedicalCenter?

At the Yabatech Medical Center, patients are offered a range of health services to suit their needs. These include general checkups, vaccinations, physical therapy, laboratory testing, specialty consultations and much more. All staff members take part in an interdisciplinary approach to ensure complete patient safety and satisfaction. The experienced and dedicated team here provides personalized care for each patient who walks through its doors.
Additionally, the hospital also offers nutrition advice along with health education programs for its patients as part of preventive healthcare strategies. Besides these general health services, this clinic also provides guidance on advanced treatments such as organ transplantation and minimally invasive surgeries too!

With its top-notch facilities and quality healthcare provided by skilled staff members; at the newly opened YabatechMedicalCenter2HusseyRdYabaLocationLagos you will be sure to experience optimal healthcare at its best! So don’t wait anymore – Visit the hospital today for all your medical needs!

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