Zenith Medical Kidney Centre No 5 Atom Kpera Close Off Abdulmumini Gudu Location Abuja

Medical Kidney Centre Gudu Abuja

Zenith Medical Kidney Centre, located in No 5 Atom Kpera Close off Abdulmumini Gudu in Abuja, Nigeria, offers a whole range of medical and healthcare services to its clients and the community alike. The hospital clinic boasts a team of highly trained doctors and nurses as well as advanced medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment ensuring the best possible care for all their patients.

Zenith Medical Kidney Centre is open seven days a week and is operational throughout the year. Here you can find professionals with an expertise in paediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, ENT (ear nose throat), Cardiology etc., all geared towards providing you with top quality service that ensures your care is taken seriously.

Reaching Zenith Medical Kidney Centre isn’t a challenge at all! It is located at No 5 Atom Kpera Close off Abdulmumini Gudu Location Abuja City Center. To get where you need to go quickly you can make use of such public transportation services as buses or taxis available within the vicinity of the hospital clinic.

The professionals at Zenith Medical Kidney Centre work closely with their patients to ensure they have access to comprehensive patient care guided by up-to-date clinical evidence informed by research related to the disease management decisions that will ensure optimal health outcomes. With tailored approaches based on individual cases, they strive to provide each patient with customized treatment plans that are best suited for them personally; while considering factors such as complexity of disease profile, labor intensity needed for managing cases along with bustle experienced during certain times of the week or month at this hospital clinic setup in Abuza city centre area.

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