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Primary Health Center in Thamna Assam

Thamna Mini Primary Health Centre: Everything You Need To Know About This Assam Institution
Thamna, a home to about 20 villages is known for its rich culture, history and majestic rivers. It is also the proud home to Thamna Mini Primary Health Centre (TMPC) established in 1978. The institution has been operating since several decades now and looks to serve all who require quality medical attention in the region.

What Medical Services Are Offered by Thamna Mini Primary Health Centre?
TMPC’s primary mission is to provide first-aid, vaccinations and general health counseling in the region by deploying latest medical technology available. The institute also provides specialized services such as Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation etc., Medical Camps dedicated for screening of diseases like Diabetes & Hypertension are held regularly with an effort to prevent them from manifesting in more severe forms.

On Which Days Is Thamna Mini Primary Health Centre Operational?
Thamna Mini Primary Health Centre Toronto operates from Monday – Saturday from 10 AM – 5 PM for timely consultation of patients seeking medical assistance. They remain closed on Sunday and other public holidays in observance of holidays throughout the year.

How To Reach Thamna Mini Primary Health Centre?
For those looking to attain medical attention at TMPC, they are advised to visit their clinic during operating hours which is situated at Thamna Assam 781377 India and speaks the local language fluently so that even a plantation worker or someone for a small village can understand them clearly. Even if you aren’t able to physically come down to meet our team members due to limited travel time or heavy traffic, they are more than open for teleconsultation through video calls with minimal stresses! Hence if you’re looking for medical assistance without having leaving your place of comfort please make sure you opt out with TMPC’s TherapyX Telemedicine service that allows you conduct consultations via video conferencing all day long free!

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