Vet De Lacreme Animal Hub Suite A12 Busy Mart Plaza Obafemi Awolowo Road Ebitu Ukiwe St Jabi Location Abuja

Vet De Lacreme Jabi Abuja

Vet De LaCreme Animal Hub – a Clinic Where Medical Services Are Provided

At Vet De LaCreme Animal Hub, we recognize the importance of providing medical care to our four-legged friends. We provide a comprehensive range of services, from routine examinations and vaccinations to more complex treatments and surgeries. With experienced veterinarians at the helm, our clinic is well-equipped to meet all the needs of your furry family members.

When Are Vet De LaCreme Animal Hub’s Operations?
Our veterinary services are available from 8am to 7pm on weekdays and Saturdays, while on Sundays we open from 10 am to 4 pm. We have an emergency service that runs 24 hours a day as well – so if your pet needs urgent attention outside of those opening hours, you can trust us to be there for them.

Where Is Vet De LaCreme Animal Hub Located?
We are situated in Suite A12 Busy Mart Plaza Obafemi Awolowo Road Ebitu Ukiwe Street Jabi Location, Abuja….and are easy to reach either by car or public transport. If you’re driving to our vet clinic, free parking is available on site – simply follow the signs when you arrive!

What Does Vet De LaCreme Animal hub Offer?
With decades of combined experience in the veterinary industry between our staff ,we offer a wide range of services designed to keep pets happy and healthy throughout their lifetime with us. Whether it’s regular checkups for preventive care or emergency procedures when needed most – we make sure that all medical issues are taken care of promptly and effectively. From neutering to tummy tucks for pets in need of a little extra help; whatever your pet may require – our team is here for them! From preventative health screenings through parasite control and behavioural advice; we ensure that all welfare needs are met with expert skills that come from years of dedicated practice.

At Vet De LaCreme Animal Hub, we understand how important it is that your pet receives only the best care possible – which is why our team always puts safety first when it comes to their well-being. Our vets take great pride in their work ensuring every visit leaves both you & your pooch feeling confident in choosing us as their primary source for healthcare solutions! From routine exams through emergency treatment – count on us to look after your furry family members just like they were one of ours!

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