Vet Solution Konsult Ikoyi 106104 Location Lagos

Vet Solution Ikoyi Lagos

Vet Solution Konsult Ikoyi is a hospital clinic that provides invaluable medical services for human and animals alike. Established in 2008, they have grown to become one of the best clinics in Lagos. Whether you’re seeking out family medicine, preventative care, or specialized treatments, Vet Solutions Konsult provides quality medical service for your entire family.

What Services are Offered at the Clinic?
At Vet Solution Konsult Ikoyi you can expect top quality medical care for humans and animals alike. For the people in your family, they provide check-ups for children and adults, vaccinations, health screenings as well as general and specialty care such as cardiology, dermatology, obstetrics/gynecology (OBGYN), podiatry, ophthalmology and orthopedics to name a few. They also offer preventive services like advice on diet & nutrition and risk assessment.
For our furry patients they offer consultations on general health issues plus veterinary surgery including spays/ neuters & dental work. They can also diagnose illnesses related to nutrition problems along with kidney & liver problems with their advanced diagnostic equipment such as radiography plus ultrasounds & endoscopy if necessary.

What Days is Vet Solution Konsukt ikoyi Operational?
The Vet Solution Konsukt Ikoyi Hospital Clinic is open weekdays from 9am – 6pm and weekends from 10am-4pm for patient consultations; however after hours emergency contact is available 24×7 by phone. Additionally they house a full pharmacy offering all types of prescription medication during regular business hours which helps patients get the medication quickly without having to go elsewhere

How Can I Reach Vet Solutions Konsukt Ikoyi?
Vet Solution Konsukt Ikoyi is conveniently located at 106104 location Lagos making it easy for everyone to get here whether by bus or car. For those driving there’s plenty of parking available too! Additionally they have an online portal where you can make appointments & view information regarding their services.

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