Zainab Memorial Hospital Sch Road Ungwan Rimi 802125 Location Kaduna

Memorial Hospital Ungwan Rimi Kaduna

About Zainab Memorial Hospital Sch Road Ungwan Rimi 802125

Zainab Memorial Hospital, located at Sch Road Ungwan Rimi 802125 in Kaduna, Nigeria, is one of the most reliable and respected healthcare institutions in the country. With years of experience in providing excellent health services encompassing a wide range of treatments and medical specialties, we have helped countless people reclaim their lives and live healthier lifestyles. The hospital caters to all by offering quality medicines and safe medical procedures. Our experienced team comprises highly-skilled doctors who are competent in treating a variety of diseases. We also provide preventive consultations for early detection of various illnesses.

Medical Services Offered By Zainab Memorial Hospital
At Zainab Memorial Hospital, we strive to ensure that you get high-quality sustenance during your stay with us. Our comprehensive suite of medical services ranges from family medicine, pediatrics, mental health care, obstetrics & gynecology to ophthalmology, pathology & lab tests and diagnostics. We offer specialized treatment for severe cases such as cancer fight or organ transplantation under the supervision of our expert doctors or specialists. Additionally, our Wellness Clinic provides primary healthcare screenings such as reproductive health checkups among others so that minor issues are resolved before turning into major ones.

On Which Days is Zainab Memorial Hospital Operational?
Zainab Memorial Hospital functions around the clock on all days of the week to provide quality care consistently. We understand how hard it can be not having access to critical services when needed; hence our round-the-clock availability helps eliminate wait time for commencing treatment quickly.

How To Reach Zainab Memorial Hospital In Kaduna?
Reaching Zainab Memorial hospital is very simple: All you need to do is locate Sch road ungwan Rimi 802125 where it’s situated in Kaduna State or ask locals about it.. Once you reach there just follow the direction signs which will lead straight towards us without any fuss! Ours is an easily accessible location so anyone can get here without too much trouble!

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