Zenith Care Hospital Elebu Oluyole Extension High School Oluyole Estate Location Ibadan

Care Hospital Elebu Ibadan

Zenith Care Hospital is a premier health care facility located in the heart of Elebu oluyole extension high school estate in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. Established with a mission to provide world-class medical service and care to people of all ages, the hospital clinic offers quality and compassionate healthcare services.

At Zenith Care Hospital, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and specialized medical services to meet all patient needs. Our dedicated and experienced health-care team offers care that exceeds standard expectations in treating any minor or major ailments. Our top-notch experts provide high quality treatments across multiple disciplines including General Physician, Endocrinology (Diabetes), Pediatrician (Child specialist), Gynecologist and Obstetrician (Maternity). Moreover, we offer assistance from onsite Pharmacologist, Nurses/Health Assistants for quick response in case of emergencies.

Zenith Care Hospital is operational Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm with no break for lunchtime. Patients can book their appointments either by visiting the hospital or through phone/online consultation as per convenience. Furthermore, every Thursday special discounts are offered on our range of services for more price conscious patients who cannot afford regular price fees thus promoting our aim of providing holistic health care solutions which are accessible to everyone without compromising on service quality.

For those looking to visit us at Zenith Care Hospital; we can be located a short 10 minutes away by car from the centre of Ibadan’s cultural capital Dudu ranked 23rd among African cities according to TripAdvisor 2020 City Tourist Index*. Once you take exit 32 off Highway 11followed by exit 688 onto Abiola Way you will finally arrive at McLaren drive near EdoAtlantic Estate; this is where you turn left before getting into Elebu Oluyole Extension High School premises where the hospital is placed.

At Zenith Care Hospital we look forward towards an inviting environment filled with caring professionals aimed at providing exceptional patient experiences as your personal satisfaction is our ultimate goal!
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